Nieuwe Bewoners, Veenendaal

‘Nieuwe Bewoners’ (New Residents) is the title of the art project that should enable the inhabitants of Veenendaal-Oost to provide a permanent and visible contribution to the public space of their neighborhood.

Veenendaal-Oost is a new neighborhood on the outskirts of the municipality of Veenendaal. The area borders thus to a large rural and agricultural green field. In the district live about 900 people.

The title ‘Nieuwe Bewoners’ (New Residents) has several layers. It is quite literally about the new people that have recently populate the new houses. It also tells something about the change that the region has undergone as a former green area. There were old people: farmers, cows, wild rabbits, birds and fish; Now there are new residents. In addition, the title tells something about the nature of the new residents. New in the sense of ….. a new, unknown species. A species that inhabit the area will then not have to go away.


‘Nieuwe Bewoners’ (New Residents) is a growth model that achieves engagement in people who currently live or will live in the near future.

Outsiders or visitors can take a walk through the neighborhood. This walk takes you along all the places where the ‘Nieuwe Bewoners’ is perched. The Art walk will continue to grow, will continue to expand. Every ‘Nieuwe Bewoners’ will be invited to make a new ‘Nieuwe Bewoners’.