OOR (EAR), Son en Breugel

The artwork EAR is located on the embankment along the A50.

On the slope nearby Sonnius you can overlook  the area around Son en Breugel, once an old and a continuous green area.

    The A50 literally splits the area and thus creates two areas . Physically, it is no longer possible to walk from one area to other: EAR connects these two areas again .


    EAR herein may be the unifying factor , a meeting place , a vantage point , but also a landmark for homecoming.

    By using EAR one can still communicate directly with the other side , make a human connection with the users of the ‘service area for cars , people and animals’ at the other side of the A50.


    EAR is for the residents of the newly build district Sonnius . A district in which people of different origins and backgrounds come together and have to live together: the start of a sort of relationship.