Notice, Diepenheim

Notice is a sound device for the public space. Notice will be installed on a big, long wall where many people walk past.

On the wall is a message: so far, far away and yet so close. A poetic text with a melancholy echo.


The letters are made of brass and gleaming hollow tube. The beginning of the first letter of the sentence consists of a nozzle in which you can talk; the last letter is a megaphone mounted making the voice sound really loud and clearly.

A passer-by can record any text that will eventually hear a little further. That what you hear and understand is not consistent with what you see, but both are inextricably linked. The random text is in fact forced so far, far away and yet so close to his. Whatever you will announce as a  passerby, it always will be: so far, far away and yet so close to read his.